Morse Micro  was recently recognized as the winner in IoT at the Merit Awards for Telecom.

Designed to recognize the efforts of global industries and the markets they serve, the Merit Awards acknowledge companies that have contributed to the continued growth of the market. The Merit Awards for Telecom were judged based on submissions that represent the best in current and next-generation telecom, wireless and mobile solutions.

While conventional Wi-Fi is the most ubiquitous wireless communications protocol in use today, the rapid growth of the IoT has forced a rethinking of Wi-Fi, revealed technological gaps in range and power efficiency and what role Wi-Fi should play in an all-encompassing connected world. Morse Micro’s industry-leading Wi-Fi HaLow portfolio solves these challenges for Wi-Fi connectivity in IoT applications, overcoming the fundamental weaknesses of existing wireless technologies.

Since its launch in 2016, Morse Micro has focused on long-range, low-power wireless connectivity with the industry’s most comprehensive Wi-Fi HaLow portfolio. Today, Morse Micro’s portfolio includes the industry’s smallest, fastest and lowest power Wi-Fi HaLow compliant SoCs and modules, development tools and reference designs. With use cases that extend across the complete IoT ecosystem, from consumer to commercial, industrial to agricultural use, Morse Micro is enabling wirelessly connected devices to achieve 10x longer range, covering 100x the area or 1000x the volume of traditional Wi-Fi networks.

Congratulations, Morse Micro team!