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Quectel and Morse Micro Introduce the Industry’s First Wi-Fi HaLow Module to Achieve European CE and US FCC Certifications at CES 2024

Certified Quectel Wi-Fi HaLow Module Powered by Morse Micro MM6108 SoC Paves the Way for the Standard’s Global Adoption

LAS VEGAS, January 10th, 2024 – CES 2024 – Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, and Morse Micro, the leading Wi-Fi HaLow silicon vendor, today announced that the Quectel FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module has received CE certification for Europe and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification for the US. The CE and FCC certification of the module, powered by Morse Micro’s MM6108 SoC, underscores the rigorous testing and compliance with the highest standards of safety, health, and environmental protection required in the European Area, while the certification by the FCC also means that the module is approved for use in electronic devices sold in the United States.

The certification represents a crucial step in expanding the market reach of Wi-Fi HaLow technology and enabling its deployment in a wide range of Wi-Fi HaLow and IoT applications across multiple geographic regions. This industry first achievement not only underscores Wi-Fi HaLow technology’s readiness for the global market, but also solidifies the protocol’s position as a leading communications standard.

“Wi-Fi HaLow technology represents the future of global connectivity, and receiving both the CE mark and FCC certification is a testament to the reliability, safety, and interoperability Wi-Fi HaLow modules,” said Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “Our collaboration with Morse Micro has been crucial in achieving this milestone and other industry certifications”

The Wi-Fi HaLow module is designed for extended range and lower power consumption, making it ideal for numerous IoT applications, from smart homes and industrial automation to agricultural technology and beyond. With this certification, Quectel and Morse Micro are poised to lead the charge in long-range, low-power IoT connectivity, offering best-in-class Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow solutions that meet the demands of today’s connected world.

“The Morse Micro team has been working tirelessly this year to expand the global reach of our Wi-Fi HaLow solutions, and that day has finally come with the achievement of CE certification for our module products,” said Prakash Guda, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Morse Micro. “By securing European CE certification for Wi-Fi HaLow modules, Quectel and Morse Micro have demonstrated the standard’s global acceptance. It’s a major leap forward in establishing Wi-Fi HaLow as a universal standard for IoT and wireless connectivity.”

Operating in the sub-GHz frequency band, the Wi-Fi HaLow 802.11ah standard was designed from the ground up for the IoT, offering an optimal combination of extended range, power efficiency, long battery life for wireless devices, superior penetration of barriers, large network capacity, advanced security, and Wi-Fi compatibility.

Quectel’s IoT modules are developed with security at the core. From product architecture to firmware/software development, Quectel incorporates leading industry practices and standards, mitigating potential vulnerabilities with third party independent test houses and have incorporated security practices like generating SBOMs and VEX files as well as performing firmware binary analysis into the entire software development lifecycle

Quectel offers a range of antennas for the FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module, including the YCIS001AA, YCIS002AA, YCIS003AA, YFNP017WWA, YPCS002BA, YMCP003AA, YEIN002AA, YECN028AA and YECW000N1A, enabling flexibility and compatibility to meet diverse project requirements.

About Quectel    

Quectel’s passion for a smarter world drives us to accelerate IoT innovation. A highly customer-centric organization, we are a global IoT solutions provider backed by outstanding support and services. Our growing global team of 5,900 professionals sets the pace for innovation in cellularGNSSWi-Fi and Bluetooth modules as well as antennas and services. With regional offices and support across the globe, our international leadership is devoted to advancing IoT and helping build a smarter world. For more information, please visit: www.quectel.com, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X.

About Morse Micro

Morse Micro is a leading Wi-Fi HaLow fabless semiconductor company based in Sydney, with global offices. As the world’s premier Wi-Fi HaLow company, we pioneer next-gen IoT wireless connectivity solutions. Morse Micro is now sampling its Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC-certifiable MM6108 production silicon: the fastest, smallest, lowest power and longest-range Wi-Fi HaLow chip available in the market. Learn more at https://www.morsemicro.com/.

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