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Join Morse Micro’s second intake of graduate engineers.

Morse Micro will commence our second 6-month paid Graduate Program for recent university graduates with a BEng degree or higher in Electronics or Computer Architecture. Applications are open now until 5 July 2020. The program starts 3 August 2020. Please note this program will take place in our Morse Micro HQ in Sydney, Australia.

At Morse Micro, we are reinventing Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things. We are developing the industry’s first Wi-Fi HaLow silicon chip that securely connects smart devices over long distances using minimal power. Morse Micro’s founding team consists of world-class engineers including the original inventors of Wi-Fi.

With the input and mentorship of our highly skilled team, we created an immersive 6-month program for graduates. We wanted to avoid the age old question “How do you get work experience when no one will hire you without experience?”

In December 2019 we opened up applications for Morse Micro’s first Graduate Program. In just four weeks we received over 50 highly skilled applicants. We shortlisted and interviewed 12 candidates in our Morse Micro HQ. We then selected 4 graduates to join the program as our first official Graduate Engineers.

For the next 6 weeks, these graduate engineers rotated throughout the company, with 1–2 weeks spent in each of our engineering teams — Software, Digital, Radio, Systems and Applications. With daily standups, tutorials and hands on support, these grads upskilled quickly on the entirety of IC design through to chip bring up on bench.

We asked our current graduates to share their experiences and advice for future graduates who are considering applying:

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Would you recommend this program to other recent graduates? If so, why?

“I am more than glad to have applied for the Morse Micro Grad Program (January 2020). Applying for this program is one of the best things I have done so far….. I recommend this program to other recent graduates because it ensures that you become aware of all the teams involved in IC design and the complexity involved with the work of each team. After the rotation period is over, I was able to learn and work on practical issues, know where they are used and why they are important, all with the support from highly experienced and passionate teammates.” — Ananya Subhash, Graduate Systems Engineer

“Yes, I would recommend it! There are tons of graduates out there who are very talented and this kind of opportunity can give them a life changing platform. They will be able to do well too if given the opportunity! I felt on top of the world the day I got the offer to join Morse Micro’s Graduate Program. For the first time I felt my learning, skills and education are being used and I’m so grateful. I’m getting the chance to learn so many things with top mentorship. I’m sure this is going to help me greatly in my career.” Aman Shreshtha, Graduate Systems Test Engineer

“I would recommend the program to others because it gives you good insight into the whole system at first and then gives you a chance to get hands on experience in the team that would suit you. The program prepares a graduate really well to succeed in the business.” — Ahmed Emad Ahmed, Graduate Software Engineer

What is the most important lesson or surprising thing you learned from the MM grad program?

“The most important thing I learnt from the Morse Micro Grad Program is, one has to understand the problem and the associated concept to its core, to be able to confidently work on developing a solution. The surprising thing I have learnt is, starting with very simple steps will surely get me results rather than straight away building whole functionality.” — Ananya Subhash, Graduate Systems Engineer

“I learned that when people from different backgrounds collaborate together on something they can always solve the problem.” Ahmed Emad Ahmed, Graduate Software Engineer

If you could give your past self any advice to prepare for this program, what would it be?

I would advise myself to know the applications and the importance of the concepts/methods/circuits/tools that I have learnt during university. This would have given me more clarity on what is going on in the beginning itself.” — Ananya Subhash, Graduate Systems

“Read about Wi-Fi architecture and design (as a whole system). I also would have gotten myself more familiar with HDL.” — Ahmed Emad Ahmed, Graduate Software Engineer

This program is for grads who have completed a BEng (or higher) in Electronics or Computer Architecture (or similar degree).

Applications are open now and close on 5 July 2020. The program starts 3 August 2020. Please note this program will take place in our Morse Micro HQ in Sydney, Australia.

If you are graduating soon and want to be part of the Morse Micro team then submit your resume, cover letter and tell us what makes you stand out from the crowd.

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