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摩尔斯微电子在2021年Wi-Fi NOW大奖中,夺得“Wi-Fi初创企业奖”和“最佳Wi-Fi物联网产品奖”

For the second consecutive year, Morse Micro won Best Wi-Fi Startup and Best Wi-Fi IoT Product Awards at the 2021 Wi-Fi NOW Awards.

The Wi-Fi NOW awards program honors the best Wi-Fi companies, products and providers that are impacting today’s Wi-Fi industry worldwide.

Both the Best Wi-Fi Startup and the Best Wi-Fi IoT Product 2021 awards are intended to recognize Wi-Fi products for their innovative contribution to the industry.

The Best Wi-Fi Startup was given to the company who represented the best value proposition in the market today, and the Best Wi-Fi IoT Product was given to the vendor that had created the most value in this segment. The winners were carefully reviewed and selected by a panel of distinguished judges at Wi-Fi NOW, who evaluated award entries based on technical uniqueness, value, application and potential market growth.

Morse Micro is among the first semiconductor companies to offer certifiable Wi-Fi HaLow chipsets, modules, and reference designs available now to be deployed by customers.

Wi-Fi HaLow is not only the next generation of Wi-Fi to extend distances and increase battery life for Wi-Fi-connected devices, but it also represents an exciting future of wirelessly connected people and devices across the IoT. Applications are endless, from sensors, actuators and security cameras to home automation, appliances and thermostats, all to improve user experience and productivity while reducing installation and operational costs.

Congratulations to the entire team for this much-deserved recognition!

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