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ViewSEC and Morse Micro Unveil Advanced Edge AI Security Cameras with Superior Streaming Capabilities at CES 2024

Wi-Fi HaLow Technology Enables Extended Camera Range, Long Battery Life and Clear Video Streaming for Indoor/Outdoor Applications

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2024 – CES 2024ViewSEC Co., Ltd., a leading innovator in surveillance technology and Morse Micro, a fast-growing fabless semiconductor company focused on Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity with its Wi-Fi HaLow technology, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver a new series of security cameras set to redefine the industry. The ViewSEC camera series, comprising outdoor bullet cameras, outdoor dome cameras and indoor Wi-Fi cameras, stands out in the market by offering long-range Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity, ultra-low power battery life, state-of-the-art edge AI capabilities, IP66 weatherproofing, superior video quality, and enhanced streaming stability.

Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology enables ViewSEC’s cameras to provide extended range and coverage and maintain stable, high-quality video streaming, even in remote environments prone to interference. The cameras are designed with ultra-low power for extended battery life and deliver robust, reliable and uninterrupted video streaming, essential for critical security applications. The integration of Morse Micro’s best-in-class Wi-Fi HaLow system-on-chip (SoC) devices ensures that the cameras can transmit high-definition video over greater distances than traditional Wi-Fi, making them ideal for expansive residential and commercial properties and remote locations.

ViewSEC’s cameras are made possible via the use of Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow system-on-chip (SoC) solution which offers unparalleled wireless capabilities. Wi-Fi HaLow overcomes the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi by operating on narrow frequency bands enabling the technology to penetrate transmission obstacles and provide unmatched performance, even in noisy environments crowded by multiple devices and cameras. Combined, these benefits offer 10 times the range, 100 times the coverage area, and 1000 times the volume of traditional Wi-Fi technologies.

“The introduction of our edge AI-powered security cameras, integrating Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology, delivers a transformative advance in security technology,” said Johnson Huang, CEO of ViewSEC. “These smart cameras stand at the forefront of the industry, offering high-quality, stable, and extended-range monitoring solutions based on Wi-Fi HaLow wireless connectivity.”

ViewSEC’s new line of Wi-Fi HaLow enabled security cameras supports diverse operating environments with three types of cameras:

  • Outdoor bullet cameras:Outfitted with smart edge AI, durable IP66 weatherproofing, and high-definition video clarity, these cameras are tailored for outdoor vigilance.
  • Outdoor dome cameras:Combining aesthetic appeal with robust edge AI and IP66 protection, these cameras deliver high-quality, stable streaming for various outdoor settings.
  • Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras:These compact cameras provide superior edge AI capabilities, excellent video quality, and broad indoor coverage, amplified by Morse Micro’s advanced Wi-Fi HaLow technology.

ViewSEC’s new Wi-Fi HaLow cameras powered by Morse Micro represent a tremendous innovation in Wi-Fi and edge AI security technology to deliver the key attributes highly sought after by both consumer and enterprise segments,” said Michael De Nil, co-founder and CEO at Morse Micro. “This strategic collaboration enhances the connectivity and reliability of ViewSEC’s cameras, capitalizing on the strengths of our Wi-Fi HaLow solutions for superior, reliable, battery-powered, and long-range video streaming.”


Designed to set a new standard in the wireless security camera market, ViewSEC’s new security cameras are planned for release in Q1 2024. For further information, please contact ViewSEC Co., Ltd. at [email protected] or visit

About ViewSEC Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2022 and based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, ViewSEC Co., Ltd. draws on over two decades of expertise to lead the integration of smart IoT sensors in surveillance cameras. With a mission focused on enhancing global security, safety, and productivity through edge AI and cloud technologies, ViewSEC is committed to transforming the industry and driving technological innovation.

About Morse Micro

Morse Micro is a leading Wi-Fi HaLow fabless semiconductor company based in Sydney, with global offices. As the world’s premier Wi-Fi HaLow company, we pioneer next-gen IoT wireless connectivity solutions. Morse Micro is now sampling its Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC-certifiable MM6108 production silicon: the fastest, smallest, lowest power and longest-range Wi-Fi HaLow chip available in the market. Learn more at

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