In case you are one of Australia’s top engineering or software student, then you would probably want to work in deep tech. Why? Find out below.

‘Deep tech’ is not just another buzzword. Companies in this field don’t build their business on existing technologies, instead they create, invent, disrupt, develop, engineer, research or produce their own. If you think about it, they are designing the future of how we live. Think: smart cities, new ways of farming or cure for cancer. So while it sounds very technical and “not for everybody”, this article should give you enough reasons to revisit your opinion.

Deep tech is a little bit like brown banana — it might not look so sexy at first, but when you get into it, it’s the most exciting and rewarding experience.

And we’ll take a look at why that is.

1. Impact

Without sounding like a snob: working on something that will change the world as we know it is probably the best alarm clock you’ll get. Because some of these companies are still at an earlier stage, you’ll have a huge impact on their progress — even as an intern or junior employee. If you want a little more from your day-to-day work than just paying the bills, a deep tech career at Morse Micro is for you.

Need more than just actual job satisfaction? Let’s take a look at what we offer:

2. Benefits

As well as making actual money, we also enjoy team events from time to time, a free selection of snacks and drinks. That’s on top of your own choice of laptop and adjustable desk — of course. Friday lunches are not just great because we go out together, it’s also for this reason:

3. People

Another reason to join a deep tech company like Morse Micro is definitely the people behind it. Think passionate leaders, driven employees and some of the brightest minds in the industry — all assembled in hip co-working spaces. Being surrounded by a group of people who love what they do is just as rewarding, as:

4. Status

Yes, you may not think so, but whenever you talk to someone about what you do, it’s pretty rad. Imagine a casual “we invented Wi-Fi” or “we are curing Alzheimer” or “We are building self-driving cars” mid-conversation.

Whilst enjoying that social recognition, you also get the…


5. Flexibility

Most young companies or start-ups allow you to be very flexible. At Morse Micro for example, you can easily work from home or run out for some lunch sports — without needing to clock in and out. This way you are not tied to your desk, whilst still having…

6. Security

At the intersection of new technology, research and invention, you won’t have to worry too much about being made redundant by e.g. a machine. A corporate job may seem to offer more security, but won’t get you this:

7. Stock options

Almost every early-stage company will offer their team members some options in the company. This is double the incentive, because the smarter & better you work, the more the stock will be worth. Not linearly, but we have all wished we were that first Facebook employee, haven’t we? Bonus: options usually come on top of your salary. So win-win.