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Morse Micro Breaks Record
World's Longest Wi-Fi HaLow Connection at 3 Kilometers
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Smarter, farther, better.
Meet the latest Wi-Fi, HaLow, 802.11ah.

>1Km range, 100x area,
1000x volume
Multi-year on a
single battery
Devices via a single
access point
Wi-Fi’s strongest

CES 2024: HaLow Long Range Abode Edge Camera Unveiled

Best of CES 2024

The world’s first Wi-Fi HaLow, ultra long range, battery powered, AI-enabled smart home security camera debuts at CES 2024. A fresh perspective and the future of home security is unveiled that finally brings the home into focus.

Wi-Fi HaLow Shatters Limits with a
3-Kilometer Range

Unlock the future of IoT and connectivity as we push the boundaries of     Wi-Fi technology.  Wi-Fi HaLow, 802.11ah sets a new standard with an unprecedented 3-kilometer reach, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

A New Picture of Security Cameras – Wi-Fi HaLow for Longer Reach, Lower Power Connections

Research shows that 75% of surveillance failures are attributed to network-related issues, such as poor connections and lost signals. This whitepaper explores the latest trends and technologies in the home security camera market.

Wi-Fi HaLow: Long-range Wi-Fi for the IoT

This Masterclass explains how Wi-Fi HaLow is enabling long-range Wi-Fi applications for the IoT.

Ultra Long-range, Ultra Low-power, and Massive Capacity Wi-Fi

The industry’s smallest and most integrated single-chip solution. Operating in the sub-1 GHz license exempt RF band means superior penetration through materials and longer range than any other Wi-Fi.

Industry Leading Innovation

Smallest Wi-Fi HaLow SoCs offers unparalleled capabilities to deliver superior range and coverage.

Indoors, Outdoors and the IoT

Morse Micro-powered solutions empower smart homes, smart cities, infrastructure, industrial, and enterprise applications, providing 10 times the range, 100 times the area, and 1000 times the volume to overcome the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Pioneers and Innovators, We Are Reaching Farther

From the team that designed Wi-Fi chips used in billions of smartphones, we introduce IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow. The new Wi-Fi that will solve the most challenging loT applications.

We’re Looking for Inventive Minds to Create What’s Next in Wi-Fi

We are a team of wireless experts that love to innovate. Together, we are building the world’s lowest power Wi-Fi IC that will enable billions of devices to connect securely to the internet.

6 Ways Wi-Fi HaLow Can Shape IoT In 2024

Explore the transformative power of Wi-Fi HaLow, the new wireless standard redefining the IoT landscape with its long-range, low-power capabilities, set to revolutionize connectivity across diverse sectors.

Wi-Fi HaLow Awards

Celebrating Innovations in Long-Range, Low-Power Wireless Technology

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