Smarter, farther, better.
Meet the latest Wi-Fi, HaLow, 802.11ah.

>1Km range, 100x area,
1000x volume
Multi-year on a
single battery
Devices via a single
access point
Wi-Fi’s strongest

A New Picture of Security Cameras – Wi-Fi HaLow for Longer Reach, Lower Power Connections

Research shows that 75% of surveillance failures are attributed to network-related issues, such as poor connections and lost signals. This whitepaper explores the latest trends and technologies in the home security camera market.

Wi-Fi HaLow: long-range Wi-Fi for the IoT

This Masterclass explains how Wi-Fi HaLow is enabling long-range Wi-Fi applications for the IoT.

Ultra-long range, ultra-low power, and massive capacity Wi-Fi

The industry’s smallest and most integrated single-chip solution. Operating in the sub-1 GHz license exempt RF band means superior penetration through materials and longer range than any other Wi-Fi.

Industry Leading Innovation

Smallest Wi-Fi HaLow SoCs offers unparalleled capabilities to deliver superior range and coverage.

Indoors, Outdoors and the IoT

Morse Micro-powered solutions enable 10 times the range, 100 times the area, and 1000 times the volume to overcome the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi pioneers and innovators, we are reaching farther

From the team that designed Wi-Fi chips used in billions of smartphones, we introduce IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow. The new Wi-Fi that will solve the most challenging loT applications.

We’re looking for inventive minds to create what’s next in Wi-Fi

We are a team of wireless experts that love to innovate. Together, we are building the world’s lowest power Wi-Fi IC that will enable billions of devices to connect securely to the internet.

Forbes: Understanding IoT’s Standstill

Learn how the emergence of transformative Wi-Fi standards, such as Wi-Fi HaLow, can help jump-start new growth.
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