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Solves the challenges for Wi-Fi in IoT devices.

Enterprise Networks

Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology is revolutionizing enterprise applications by offering exceptional connectivity tailored for enterprise IoT environments. It surpasses traditional Wi-Fi limitations, providing superior performance in dense device environments with a range that is ten times longer, coverage one hundred times greater, and volume a thousand times larger. Ideal for building access, management systems, and security cameras, it ensures long battery life, extensive range, and robust security.

Inustrial Automation

Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology revolutionizes industrial automation with unmatched range, coverage, and device support. Designed for industrial environments, it overcomes physical barriers, providing efficient and secure connectivity for over 8,000 IoT devices per access point. Applications include industrial automation, warehouse management, and transport logistics, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

Infrastructure Solutions

Morse Micro’s infrastructure page highlights Wi-Fi HaLow technology’s impact on connectivity, emphasizing its extended range, massive coverage area, and capacity to support a vast number of IoT devices. Designed for optimal performance in various environments, it caters to network extensions, mesh networks, backhaul connectivity, and rural network enhancements, all while ensuring robust security.

Smart Cities

Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology is redefining smart cities by providing extended connectivity, efficiency, and security. It offers unparalleled range and coverage, capable of supporting over 8,000 IoT devices per access point. This technology is particularly suited for urban environments, optimizing for long-range connectivity, energy efficiency, and robust security. Its applications in smart cities include smart meters, public access systems, and information kiosks, promising to enhance urban infrastructure and services.

Smart Homes

Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow revolutionizes smart home connectivity by offering extended range, superior penetration, and low power consumption for IoT devices. It supports over 8,000 devices per access point, ensuring robust security and efficient energy use. Ideal for a variety of applications like security cameras, home gateways, and automation, it enhances convenience and security across large properties.

Morse Micro HaLow Benefits

Flexible IC Architecture

Optimized die size with small analog and big digital architecture, ready to accommodate emerging requirements


Standard IEEE 802.11ah based with multi-vendor interoperability. Morse Micro is an active member of Wi-Fi Alliance HaLow Task Group


Native IP support with no conversion gateways required. High data throughput supports UDP, and TCP/IP protocols

Cost Effective

Operates on license-exempt spectrum with no monthly fees, with no need for meshes or repeaters which means lower infrastructure and operational costs


Connect up to 8,191 devices on a single access point in any retail store, warehouse or distribution center


Supports wide variety of devices with data rates varying between 150 kbps at 1 MHz channel and the lowest MCS rate and up to 86.7 Mbps for 16 MHz channel at the highest MCS rate.


A Morse Micro Wi-Fi HaLow chip requires a fraction the power of a conventional Wi-Fi chip. Low peak power requirements enable the use of smaller batteries and allow battery operated devices to last longer between recharges

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Superior link budget thanks to narrower bands and lower frequency bands enable 10x farther, 100x area, 1000x volume than 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi


Morse Micro’s radio design techniques use extremely linear and highly selective filtering to provide OFDM connections that reject noise and adjacent channel interference


Sub-1 GHz frequencies penetrate better through obstacles, simplifying installation and management of a network, and reduces the reliance on complex mesh architectures


Includes all IEEE 802.11 government grade security requirements, including WPA3 and supports encrypted messages and unique chip ID technology for secure boot


Small PCB module or IC solutions for complete System-on-a-Chip (SOC). Combines Radio, PHY, MAC, GPIOs, IoT processor and software

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