Ultra-long range, ultra-low power, and massive capacity.


Morse Micro’s 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow technology features one of the smallest and lowest-power single-chip solution that incorporates Radio, PHY, and MAC as well as an optional Host Applications Processor, designed in compliance with the sub-1 GHz IEEE 802.11ah standard to power the IoT. It solves the challenges for Wi-Fi in IoT devices, overcoming the fundamental weaknesses of existing wireless technologies offering ultra-low power, longer range, and secure connections at a higher capacity.

IEEE 802.11ah Compliant Radio

  • Worldwide unlicensed Sub-1 GHz frequency bands
  • Single Chip supporting 850MHz-950MHz
  • Channel width options of 1/2/4/8 MHz
  • Internal PA with option to use external PA/LNA/FEM
  • Superior Linearity
  • High selectivity
  • Low Out-of-band Transmitter noise
  • Longer distance, over 1km
  • Lower energy required
  • Better penetration through material
  • Wider selection of data rates vs. other IoT
  • No monthly fees or service provider account required
  • Superior blocker performance
  • Easy co-existence with different radios, e.g. LTE

IEEE 802.11ah Compliant PHY

  • 802.11ah OFDM PHY
  • BPSK, QPSK and higher QAM Modulations
  • Automatic Frequency & Gain control
  • Robust Error Correction Encoding
  • Supports 1 MHz duplicate mode
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Adjusts to optimal rates for RF conditions
  • Supports longest range and lowest power operation modes
  • Better resilience to interference

IEEE 802.11ah Compliant MAC

  • Support for Stations (STA) and Access point (AP) Applications
  • Power-Saving Sleep Modes (TWT, RAW, Non-TIM)
  • Support for up to 8,191 Stations per AP
  • BSS Extended Max Idle
  • Hierarchical TIM and Traditional TIM Mode support
  • Ultra-Low Power solutions using batteries
  • Very dense IoT networks
  • Star-oriented architecture (no need for mesh)
  • Reduced cost of network infrastructure
  • Better organization of devices by type

Power Management Unit

  • Integrated DC/DC Converter
  • Wide range of supply voltages
  • Support low power schemes
  • Low Total BOM
  • Application design flexibility
  • Ultra-Low Power solutions using batteries

IEEE802.11ah Compliant Firmware and Development Kits

  • Security: Supports WPA3, OWE Enhanced Open, Easy Connect
  • IEEE 802.11ah Standard compliant firmware
  • IPv6 ready
  • Software Development Kit (MM-SDK): API, Firmware, Drivers
  • Multiple Hardware Reference Design kits
  • Highest levels of Wi-Fi encryption
  • Standard AP/Routers
  • No need for proprietary hub or gateway
  • Supports direct access to cloud services
  • Highest Interoperability
  • Short time to market
  • Fast Over the Air (OTA) Firmware updates

Various Host interfaces with optional Application processor

  • Interfaces for common MCU/CPU connections, programming, and debug e.g. SDIO, SPI, GPIO and JTAG
  • Support for popular applications:
    • Access Point / Router / Set-top Box / Bridge
    • Video Processors
    • Radio cards
    • SOC Sensors
  • Independent Host Applications Processor (HAP) option based on a low power 32b RISC-V core
  • Application design flexibility
  • Support wide range of applications
  • Low Total RBOM
  • Simplified application development
  • Simple migration of older platforms to Wi-Fi HaLow

Wireless IOT Technology Comparison

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