Morse Micro provides a complete Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity solution. The MM61xx family of SoC are single-chip solutions, each of which incorporates the Radio, PHY, and MAC sections designed in accordance with the IEEE 802.11ah standard, supporting data rates up to 43.3Mbps. The standard provides for operation in the sub-1 GHz license-exempt RF bands. The Radio in the MM61xx supports programmable operation in these bands, worldwide, between 750MHz and 950MHz.

The RF interface for the MM61xx includes the option to use either the on-chip amplification for typical low-power, low-cost devices, or an additional external PCB-mount power amplifier (PA) or Front-End Module (FEM) for Ultra-Long-Reach applications. The RF receiver features an ultra-high linearity LNA, making the use of external filters unnecessary in many applications.

Battery-operated applications are supported by a combination of features in the MM61xx. The IEEE 802.11ah standard combined with Morse Micro’s low power design expertise provide for extended sleep times and lower power consumption of battery-operated STA client devices, with longer durations than other prior IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax generations.

Several SKUs (MM611x) add a robust and independent Host Applications Processor (HAP) based on a low power 32b RISC-V core. Morse Micro customers can migrate their operational code to run on the HAP for the most highly-integrated SOC solution to minimize PCB size and costs for Wi-Fi HaLow applications.


  • Single-Chip IEEE802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow Transceiver for Low-Power, Long-Reach IoT Applications

  • Radio supporting worldwide Sub-1 GHz frequency bands

  • On-chip Power Amplifier with support for external FEM option

  • Power Management Unit (PMU) supporting Ultra-Low-Power operation modes

  • Wide spectrum of Security features

  • SDIO 2.0 and SPI Host interface Options

  • GPIO/UART/I2C/PWM Peripheral Options

  • 6 x 6 mm QFN48 Package

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