"With ultra-long range, ultra-low power, and massive capacity, Morse Micro Wi-Fi HaLow will revolutionize IoT, similar to the way Wi-Fi did for computers and laptops."

-Michael De Nil, Co-Founder & CEO.

The Morse Micro team includes original inventors of Wi-Fi and designers of Wi-Fi chips that have shipped inside many billions of devices. The company is an avid contributor to the efforts of the Wi-Fi Alliance to bring interoperability certifications for Wi-Fi HaLow technology to market. The current Vice-Chair of the Wi-Fi HaLow Task Group is a member of Morse Micro’s executive staff, which offers a clear vantage point to create a robust and interoperable wireless solution.

Meet the founders and management team behind tomorrow's IoT technology.

Executive Team

Michael De Nil

CEO, CO-FOUNDER & Board Member

Michael played a key role in the digital chip development of the 802.11 Wi-Fi chips found in most modern smart phones. 10 years experience in low-power digital IC design at imec and Broadcom before founding Morse Micro.

Andrew Terry

CTO, CO-FOUNDER & Board Member

Andy led designs for the Wi-Fi radios in most modern smart phones. Winner of Broadcom President's award for pioneering on-chip signal integrity work. 15+ years RF chip design experience. Worked at Wolfson, Dialog, and Broadcom before founding Morse Micro.

Vahid Manian

Chief Operating Officer

Entrepreneur with 35+ years of experience in Semiconductor industry. Vice Chairman of Board of Directors for Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). Founding member of Broadcom’s Operations organization and COO of Ethertronics prior to joining Morse Micro.

20 years experience in Wi-Fi. Founder of Radiata, which produced the world's first Wi-Fi 802.11a chip in Australia, before being acquired by Cisco. Author of textbook "Principles of CMOS VLSI Design."

Prof. Neil Weste


Expert in IEEE 802.11 standards and active contributor to Wi-Fi Alliance. 20+ years in Wi-Fi at Radiata, Cisco, G2 Microsystems and Broadcom before joining Morse Micro.

Dr. Dave Goodall


30-years of counselling global customers in wired and wireless communications industries. Strategic sales positions at National Semi, LSI Logic, Broadcom and ANSYS before joining Morse Micro.

Kevin Daly


20 years in communications industries, Identifying and developing markets and emerging technology products. Product Management and Marketing at Microsemi and Microchip before joining Morse Micro.

Shahar Feldman


30+ years experience including Hewlett Packard, Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center, Brooktree Semiconductor, MetaSoft and Broadcom Corporation. At Broadcom, as VP of Quality, Bob grew the company into a highly functional organization exceeding all market quality metrics across all major industry segments.

Bob Lutze


25+ years of management and application experience in semiconductor operations and product development at Broadcom and Ethertronics before joining Morse Micro.

Norik Dzhandzhapanyan


20 years of experience dominated by Systems Design for WLAN chips in Athena Semiconductors Broadcom and LifeSignals before joining Morse Micro.

Kishore Chikkam


15 years wireless communications experience in systems and software. Designed chips and developed software for CSR, Qualcomm and Samsung before joining Morse Micro

Harith Haboubi


Non-Executive Board Members

Founder and Chairman of Analog Devices, Inc. Ray P. Stata is an entrepreneur and businessperson who has been at the head of 9 different companies and presently an investor and board member.

Ray Stata

Entrepreneur, inventor and technologist from Main Sequence Ventures who invests in Deep Tech founders and is instrumental in the Australian startup ecosystem. Mike helps very early stage startups work out how to get their first customers.

Mike Nicholls


Ray Stata

Main Sequence ventures

Pan Group


Skip Capital

Right Click Capital






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