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6 Reasons why you should work in deep tech at Morse Micro

Are you ready for the next challenge in your career? Do you want to play an integral part in reinventing Wi-Fi?

Read about how you can make a difference by joining a deep tech company, Morse Micro.

Morse Micro is a deep technology company.  ‘Deep tech’ is not just another buzzword. Companies in this field don’t just build their business on existing technologies. Instead, deep tech companies create, invent, disrupt, develop and research. If you think about it, they are designing the future of how we live. Think: smart cities, new ways of farming or curing cancer.

What kind of experience can you expect working for a deep technology company? And, what can you expect when joining Morse Micro?

1. You will make an impact

Working on something that will change the world as we know it is better than any company rewards program or free beer (yes, I said it!). Since most deep tech companies are working on novel technology, they may still be at an earlier stage. That means a leaner team, less hierarchical structure, more freedom to try (and sometimes fail), etc.

At Morse Micro, you have the opportunity to make a huge impact within the company –  even as a graduate. If you want a little more from your day-to-day work than just paying the bills, a deep tech career could be for you.

2. You will enjoy the ride

While most Morse Micro employees say their main reason for joining is the technical challenge, we also make it a lot of fun to come to work. 

Working in deep tech is challenging. New technologies come with new problems to solve. One of our long-term strategies is to keep our employees engaged and enjoying their time at work. We are in it for the long haul! 

We enjoy a variety of team events that target our diverse team’s various interests including a Morse Micro running club, hosting Friday pub lunch, or using Slack to share the best local eateries. We also go out of our way to celebrate our wins together. Our Tapeout parties have included go-kart racing and paintballing.

Morse Micro also makes sure the office environment is dynamic and comfortable. Our fridges are stocked with a selection of free snacks and drinks. 

We also let our engineers choose the tools they prefer to work with, the ergonomic screen and mouse that is right for them, etc. We find the little things make a big difference to the everyday experience of coming to work.

3. Work alongside the best engineers in the world

Another reason to join a deep tech company like Morse Micro is the people behind it. Think passionate leaders, driven employees, and some of the brightest minds in the industry — all working together in state-of-the-art offices.  Being surrounded by a group of people who love what they do makes every day that much more rewarding.

4. You will be proud of what you do


Yes, you may not think so, but whenever you talk to someone about what you do, it’s pretty exciting. Imagine explaining to your family and friends that you work alongside the team that invented Wi-Fi.

Whilst enjoying that social recognition, you also get to…

5. Enjoy the flexibility

Most forward-thinking deep tech companies allow their employees to work flexibly. We know that our team will use their best judgment and work to the best of their ability without endless policies. We trust our team to focus on output. At Morse Micro, you can be in charge of your own schedule  — without needing to clock in and out. 

6. Enjoy benefits and stock options

Finally, Morse Micro offers all of our full-time permanent employees stock options. These stock options are both an incentive and reward, a common practice of early stage high growth deep tech companies. Basically, the smarter and harder we work, the more our stock options will be worth as the company grows.
Whilst we work hard to make our options grow exponentially in worth, we also know our experienced world class engineers deserve to be paid a competitive salary.

We also offer additional benefits to our employees beyond a paycheck. For our US employees, we offer the most comprehensive health insurance plans. In Australia, we cover all of our employee’s public transport costs.

These are just six of the many reasons to consider joining a deep tech company, Morse Micro. If you want to know more about our current opportunities, check out our Careers page. If you don’t see the perfect job for you but you believe you have unique skills and experience that will benefit the team, then please reach out to [email protected].

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