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Primax Electronics Partners with Morse Micro to Launch Wi-Fi HaLow Smart Home Doorbell

New Buzz-HaLow Doorbell Elevates Home Security with Best-in-Class Features and Long-Range, Low-Power Connectivity

SYDNEY and TAIPEI, Sept. 19, 2023MWC Las Vegas 2023 – Primax Electronics Ltd. (TWSE: 4915) today announced their collaboration with Morse Micro, a fast-growing fabless semiconductor company focused on Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to deliver a smart home doorbell powered by Morse Micro’s MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC. The new Buzz-HaLow doorbell provides an innovative solution for modern home security systems supporting IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow, a leading long-range, low-power IoT connectivity protocol. Pioneering the fusion of cutting-edge wireless technology and elegant design, the new Buzz-HaLow doorbell is set to redefine the way homeowners interact with their environment and safeguard their loved ones.

The Primax Buzz-HaLow doorbell is designed to support a wide field of view (FOV) of up to 178-degrees, including both vertical and horizontal views. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity, the new home security doorbell can deliver farther reach than traditional 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless protocols. The sub-GHz frequency range of Wi-Fi HaLow enables longer range wireless transmission (1 km and beyond) and superior penetration of physical barriers. With Wi-Fi HaLow technology’s ultra-low power consumption, the Buzz HaLow doorbell can sustain years of operation on battery power.

“Together with Primax, we’re elevating the smart home experience,” said Michael De Nil, co-founder and CEO at Morse Micro. “The Buzz-HaLow Doorbell is not just a product, but a testament to our partnership transforming home security and connectivity, seamlessly fusing innovation and design for today’s homeowners. Our collaboration builds on the excitement and momentum of Wi-Fi HaLow across the globe as we expand our portfolio and accelerate the use of our technology across a range of applications.”

“Primax’s ODM services provide clients with exceptional platforms to transform their smart doorbell concepts into reality,” said Joe Chu, the GM at Primax. “By leveraging Primax’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and expert engineering team along with Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology, clients can craft smart doorbells that seamlessly integrate with their brand’s identity and meet their specific functional requirements. From high camera quality to advanced motion detection algorithms, Primax perfects every detail to deliver top-tier performance and user experiences.”

Primax Buzz-HaLow Doorbell Key Features

  • Object detection: fish eye/wide range FOV, supporting 178-degree vertical/ horizontal view
  • Long-range, low-frequency wireless connectivity with IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow technology
  • Wireless chime equipped (Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi HaLow), not limited by installation location
  • Ultra-low power consumption enabling long battery life
  • High video quality guaranteed

Morse Micro’s comprehensive Wi-Fi HaLow portfolio includes the industry’s smallest, fastest and lowest power IEEE 802.11ah compliant SoCs. The MM6108 SoC supports 1, 2, 4 and 8 MHz bandwidths and is capable of delivering tens of Mbps throughput to support streaming HD video. These Wi-Fi HaLow SoCs provide 10x the range, 100x the area and 1000x the volume of traditional Wi-Fi solutions.

About Primax

Primax Electronics is a leading hardware electronics supplier with best-in-class solutions for information, electronics and consumer products, and provides customers a one-stop shop solution for interface, visual and audio technologies. Over the past 40 years, Primax has been a best business partner for global brands by offering exceptional mechanical and electronic engineering services, strong integration capabilities and total solutions with its wide array of technologies. Visit us for more information at:

About Morse Micro

Founded in 2016, Morse Micro is a fast-growing fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the UK, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan and India. With over AU $200M in capital raised to date, the company is the largest and best-funded Wi-Fi HaLow company in the world. Morse Micro is focused on developing Wi-Fi HaLow solutions and enabling next-generation connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). By changing the status quo of current Wi-Fi protocols Morse Micro is pushing the boundaries of our digital future, driving transformation and enhancing connectivity across the globe. Through its world-class team of Wi-Fi chip engineers, Morse Micro is now sampling its Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC-certifiable MM6108 production silicon: the fastest, smallest, lowest power and longest range Wi-Fi HaLow chip available in the market. For more information, visit:

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