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Transform Your IoT Experience

Wi-Fi HaLow's Superior, Long-Range, Low-Power Connection


1.5Km range, 100x area,
1000x volume

Multi-year on a
single battery
Devices via a single
access point
Wi-Fi’s strongest

Wi-Fi HaLow Shatters Limits with a
3-Kilometer Wi-Fi Range

Unlock the future of IoT and connectivity as we push the boundaries of Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi HaLow, 802.11ah sets a new standard with an unprecedented 3-kilometer reach, opening doors to a world of possibilities

Wi-Fi HaLow is
Redefining Connectivity

The Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced HEYlow) protocol is the first Wi-Fi standard tailored to meet the needs of the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s an open standard, wireless network technology operating in the 850-950 MHz range. By operating in the sub-GHz range, this ultra-low powerwireless protocol can connect larger numbers of IoT devices at much longer distances and much lower power than traditional Wi-Fi. The protocol was ratified by the IEEE 802.11ah task group in 2016 and dubbed Wi-Fi HaLow by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The WiFi HaLow Advantage

Long-range connectivity

Wi-Fi range extending over 1.5 miles, using lower frequencies to better penetrate walls and

Optimized for Energy Efficiency

Ultra-low power consumption enabling IoT devices to run on batteries for years.

Connect Over 8,000 Stations Per AP

No need for complex mesh networks as a single access point supports over 8,000 unique IoT devices.

Robust Layered Security

Running the latest Wi-Fi WPA3 security. Wi-Fi EasyConnect, and Wi-Fi EnhancedOpen, with capacity for added encryption.

Unmatched Reach, Low Power and Throughput
for Challenging loT Worlds

Wi-Fi Halow Availability Global Spectrum Report

This comprehensive report offers an in-depth analysis of the global spectrum availability for Wi-Fi HaLow, a pioneering standard designed to meet the expansive needs of the Internet of Things (IoT). With insights into global regulations, spectrum plans, and the unique advantages of Wi-Fi HaLow, this document is an essential resource for businesses and individuals looking to leverage the full potential of IoT connectivity. 

For the purposes of managing the global radio spectrum, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) categorizes countries into different regions. While radio regulatory requirements may be similar across each region, individual countries may still adopt varying standards and spectrum plans.

In fact, in many countries (regardless of ITU region), radio frequency devices are required to adhere to behavioral standards and conform to testing protocols similar to or the same as those developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and/or the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The ITU regions are defined as per the below1:

  • Region 1 consists of Europe, Africa, the former Soviet Union (FSU), Mongolia, and the Middle East west of the Persian Gulf (including Iraq).
  • Region 2 encompasses the Americas (including Greenland) and certain eastern Pacific Islands.
  • Region 3 comprises most of non-FSU Asia east of Iran, as well as the majority of Oceania

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The Unrivaled Benefits of Wi-Fi HaLow

Long range over 1.5 miles

Better penetration through materials

Optimized for energy efficiency

High data rates

High-capacity network

Improved reliability

Robust layered security

Easy deployment

Low-cost setup and maintenance

Based on industry standards

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