Morse Micro's Wi-Fi technology is designed for any IoT vendor looking to incorporate a robust, long range, ultra-low power wireless solution.

Find out which industries benefit most from our advanced technology.


Smart Homes

Fridges, lights, doorbells, switches, locks, sensors, security systems, smart meters... Morse Micro’s chips allow you to run everything on one standard network– without a hub or bridge.

Connect over 8000 smart devices securely and create a seamless customer experience. Learn more about how you can benefit from Morse Micro’s technology.

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Industrial Process Control

Reliability, responsiveness and security are cornerstone requirements of sensors and controls for manufacturing or materials processing.

802.11ah is an ideal technology to cover these requirements, while adding flexibility to plant design engineers and increasing sensor capacity. Find out how HaLow works in this use case.

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Logistics & Asset Management

Securing a warehouse, tracking pallets, ensuring cold-chain compliance, replenishing inventory – IoT in logistics needs to overcome a range of challenges.

Morse Micro's Wi-Fi HaLow technology covers 100 times the area, and 1000 times the volume of conventional Wi-Fi. A single AP can service cavernous warehouses with thousands of low-power trackers and security devices.

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Retail Labels, Signs & Scanners

Brick and mortar stores are adopting connected digital sign and label systems to provide product details and updated pricing for customers. Shoppers are using hand-held scanners to speed up check-out.

Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow ICs support thousands of low-power, interactive scanners, digital signs and shelf labels for large stores. This saves labor costs, reduces waste, and increases the value of these merchandising solutions.

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Surveillance Systems

Wireless security systems require high bandwidth for sensors and cameras located far from the Access Point, and where line power may not be available.

Our 802.11ah solution delivers Mbps of secure connectivity beyond the reach of conventional Wi-Fi.

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Building Automation

A Wi-Fi HaLow network can integrate all points of building automation systems including HVAC, power and water management, fire safety, secured access and lighting.

Morse Micro's flexible technology spans the required demands of bandwidth, responsiveness, distances, penetration, and lower power operation.


Smart Cities

Tomorrow’s smart cities demand a robust and secure network. Wi-Fi HaLow performs frequent, encrypted transactions while protecting citizens' privacy.

Morse Micro's chip has this capacity, while still operating at the lowest power consumption.


Agriculture & Environmental Sensors

When it comes to precision farming, Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow is able to connect over 8,000 of endpoints to a single Access Point, covering over 750 acres.

Ultra-low power sensors and meters can operate on a single coin cell for over 5 years, or indefinitely using harvested energy.

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